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We have been specialists in the design and construction of auditoriums for more than 10 years.

Are you looking to construct or renovate an auditorium with the aim of optimising its comfort, its acoustics or its seating capacity? SCHWAB-SYSTEM is able to suggest an entirely tailor-made solution for any type of public room. Be it a conference room or university auditorium, a concert or theatre hall, a cinema or a sports stadium, our expertise in the design and the creation of auditoriums is broad and very refined. In striving to meet your requirements completely, each new project that we have worked on over the past 10 years has given us a real challenge from which we have gained great satisfaction.

Tailor-made Designs

Your auditorium will be 100% personalised in order to be unique and noteworthy in its domain.

The design of an auditorium, as well as its architectural complexity, always demands very specialised expertise with regard to seating construction, the calculation of curves, acoustics and fitting. At SCHWAB-SYSTEM we are specialists in this domain. We can provide technical advice covering materials, energy, acoustics and space rationalisation and we are happy to offer our services to masters of works or renowned architects in order to advise them in the creation or renovation of an auditorium. For each new project, we develop a completely custom-made design, adapted to your every requirement and implement it with care and precision. As a consequence, your auditorium will become a reference point in this domain. Each project undertaken will benefit from an ever-broadening expertise, which will result in its completion meeting your highest expectations.

Technical Aspect

We can give technical advice relating to materials, energy, acoustics and space redesign.

In order to advise you more fully, we have a specialist technical office at our disposal, which uses high-powered design and modelling computer programs. Aligning measuring instruments to the pinnacle of technology, acoustic knowledge, specialised technical ability and qualified, dynamic personnel, we guarantee the creation and optimal completion of all projects that we undertake on your behalf. Due to SCHWAB-SYSTEM being one step ahead in information technology, you will be able to understand the visual aspect of your auditorium throughout its development. In addition to an unparalleled technical design service, our work is always carried out with the rules of the art in mind, in order to respect access norms, fire and security regulations and the particular requirements of your hall.

Complete realisation from A to Z

We are able to manage all your projects from start to finish or work together with your existing teams.

The construction of an auditorium implies numerous stages which demand an extremely detailed plan as well as several teams of tradesmen who must be perfectly coordinated. With over 10 years experience in this domain, SCHWAB-SYSTEM can assure excellent management of the entire project. Indeed, we are able to take control of each project from A to Z, from the detailed and full definition of your needs to the after sales service, encompassing a great amount of technical advice relating to materials, acoustics, line of vision, access and legal regulations. We are able to take responsibility for the design, the build, the coordination of other tradesmen, and the site management if required. In collaboration with your architects or project manager, we guarantee to make your auditorium unique: functional, aesthetically pleasing and regularly quoted as a point of reference in its field.

The main stages that SCHWAB-SYSTEM carries out for you are as follows:

  • Listening to and identifying your needs specifically pertaining to auditoriums
  • Giving advice as to the design of the auditorium
  • The assessment of the current auditorium if a renovation is required (measurement-taking with our 3D scanner)
  • The creation of a draft project that meets your requirements
  • Discussing and adapting the draft project with you
  • The choice of materials and seating system
  • The optimisation of acoustics, lines of vision and respect of norms and regulations
  • The finalisation of project
  • The drawing up of production plans
  • Material production and build
  • Worksite management
  • Time management
  • After sales service

With this complete management process for each of our projects, we guarantee a high quality of execution, precision in our work and detailed finishing.

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