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For over 65 years, we have worked on original, complex and exciting constructions.

Are you looking to carry out a project that requires a complex construction or is outwith the norm? Put us to the test! With over 65 years of experience in working with wood, we love every new challenge. Throughout its existence SCHWAB-SYSTEM has been able to create original, complex, exciting constructions. Bridges and footbridges, the raising of roofs and shelters, pergolas, terraces and swimming pool surrounds, interior fitments of functional buildings such as music rooms, classrooms or kitchens of professional establishments are just a few examples of solutions we have developed over the past years. Thanks to our wide network of partners, we have enlarged our talents and are able to work with metal, textiles (fabrics, curtains...) as well as other materials. Our experience in the design of original tailor-made solutions has made us confident: with SCHWAB-SYSTEM, you will not have any more problems, only solutions.

Tailor-made Designs

We are committed to finding an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution to all of your challenges.

Do some projects seem impossible to you? We are convinced quite to the contrary. At SCHWAB-SYSTEM we see each project as a new opportunity to find a solution that is even more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Our team will always look for the result that is most suited to your requirements, irrespective of the complexity it may engender. By advising you in the most detailed and full manner possible, we will succeed in designing a simple and efficient solution to meet your needs entirely. A project that may seem complex should very often just be viewed in a different way for it to suddenly seem completely viable. Our technical team are trained to think differently, to see simplicity in complexity and to find solutions to every problem. Your project will interest us from word go. It won't leave our thoughts until a solution has been found.

Technical Aspect

Each new challenge motivates our technical team!

To develop innovative solutions and in order to complete our ability to give you advice, we have a specialist technical office at our disposal, which operates using very high-powered design and modelling computer technology. Because of being one step ahead in computer technology, at SCHWAB-SYSTEM every project, once its custom solution has been thought of, is created in 2 and/or 3 dimensions. In this way, it takes shape and immediately allows the finished result to be viewed. Aligning measuring instruments which are at the forefront of technology, specialised technical ability and qualified, dynamic employees, we guarantee the creation and optimal realisation of the projects we undertake for you.

Complete Realisation from A to Z

We can manage entirely your projects which will be completely tailor-made.

One of the main advantages you will benefit from in placing your project with SCHWAB-SYSTEM is the opportunity of having a single company to manage its total creation. Indeed, due to its expertise, SCHWAB-SYSTEM is capable of managing every creation from A to Z, from the detailed and complete definition of your requirements to the after sales service, encompassing the design, the build, the coordination of other tradesmen and site management. Consequently you can enjoy your project's progress to the full without worrying about administrative hassle or the coordination of various tradesmen.

The principle stages that SCHWAB-SYSTEM carries out either on your behalf or with you are as follows:

  • Listening to and identifying your needs
  • Giving assistance with the setting of your budget
  • The assessment of your future plot (taking measurements with our 3D scanner)
  • The creation of a draft project that fulfils your requirements
  • Discussing adapting the draft project with you
  • The choice of materials and other detailed elements
  • The finalisation of project
  • The creation of production plans
  • Material production and build
  • Worksite management
  • Time management
  • After sales service

With this complete management process for each of our projects, we can guarantee a high quality of execution, precision in our work and detailed finishing.

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