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For over 65 years our family has provided solutions in the wood construction sector. Never ceasing to develop, innovate and become more specialised, there are now four generations of the Schwab family who have dedicated themselves every day to the success of the SCHWAB-SYSTEM company.

The foundations of the company: 1946 - the First Generation

The company SCHWAB-SYSTEM began its story in 1946 in Prêles, when Alfred Schwab set up a carpentry and joinery business with his wife Nelly Schwab. Renovating a building that will have housed the offices of the company until 2012, Alfred Schwab developed what is at the heart of the company: working with wood.

The set up of a complete structure: 1955 - the Second Generation

A short time after, his son John Schwab joined the company in his turn with his wife Mathilde Schwab. An excellent craftsman, precise and creative, John Schwab quickly gained renown, with the quality of his work highly regarded. As for Mathilde Schwab, she was responsible for putting a full administrative and accounting structure in place for the company. Complementing each other perfectly, Mathilde and John Schwab further reinforced the values thatSCHWAB-SYSTEM still upholds to this day: an unquestionable quality of work, one of the most detail-conscious organisations and a willingness to work irrespective hours, but simply for the love of the job.

The expansion of activities on a national level and the specialisation in specific domains : 1981 - the Third Generation

In 1981, it was Pascal Schwab's turn to join the company. Very quickly, Pascal Schwab took control of the company and developed it at all levels:

  • Human: the employment of personnel in production and in the technical and administrative offices
  • Physical: the development of machine stock and above all the company's computer network, integrating 2D design and 3D conception programs;
  • Strategy: the development of specific activities such as the construction of timber-framed houses and the creation of auditoriums. Carpentry and joinery remained at the heart of the company's activities but from this time onwards these were complimented by those of technical conception, project monitoring, the management of other professions and after sales advice.
  • Geographic: a strong presence on a national scale, with construction in the Swiss Romandy as well as in the Swiss German cantons, notably in Lausanne, Geneva, Bern, Zürich, St-Gallen, Luzern, Winterthur and Basel.

In 1991, Pascal Schwab registered the limited company John Schwab S.A. - later called SCHWAB-SYSTEM.

In 2000, Marianne Schwab, Pascal Schwab's wife, joined the company to take over from Mathilde Schwab.

Strategic Repositioning: 2011 - the Fourth Generation

Today, Pascal and Marianne Schwab's children are preparing to take over the reins of the company when the time is right. Marco Schwab is has studied engineering, specialising in wood construction. Leila Schwab has graduated from Lausanne Hotel School and also holds a Masters in International Business Development. Sharing the management responsibilities between them, Marco and Leila Schwab are progressively integrating themselves into the company, trained and guided by Pascal Schwab.

To encourage its development, the company has built a new production factory in Gampelen. SCHWAB-SYSTEM occupies the new building since June 2014.



Our promise

The promise we make to you for each project we undertake is based on these 3 principles:

  • To listen to and understand your requirements in their entirety
  • To find and create tailor-made solutions which fulfil these perfectly
  • To guarantee an impeccable quality of work as well as total respect for the environment

Our values

Since its creation, our company has been based on several values which we hold dear and which we are proud to uphold. It is thanks to them, that our corporate culture has strengthened more every day:

  • Well-being is central to every part of our focus. We attach particular attention in ensuring that pleasure gained from the culmination of our work is total. The delight resulting from your satisfaction stimulates us every day and we use all our means to meet your requirements as closely as possible. As a family-run company, the well-being of our collaborators is of special importance.
  • Trust is necessary in the development of any relationship. We strongly believe in the power of solid, authentic relationships which lead to great achievements. With our colleagues and all our working partners, we strive to establish an ambience of trust as we achieve our projects in a conscientious and honest manner.
  • The durability of our achievements is our mark of quality. We are constantly desirous of creating installations that are able to resist all weathers whilst conserving their original beauty. Through our choice of materials as well as our production methods, we are stubborn in our quest for environmental respect and efficiency. We are fully aware of our ecological responsibility.
  • Flexibility allows us to adapt daily to a constantly changing environment. We are adjusting our production methods to modern demands and to new needs as they emerge. More than adapting to them, we are anticipating them, so as to always be one length ahead and maintain a positive dynamism for both our company and partners.

Our recognition

If SCHWAB-SYSTEM exists today, it is thanks to:

  • You, who have supported us for over 65 years! As well as all the people with whom we have had the honour of working
  • The capable people who are invaluable to us: our workforce
  • A precious and durable commodity: wood
  • A confidence in the future: which has served our family for 4 generations
  • A deep conviction: " There are no problems, only solutions "



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