The million-measurement cutting-edge solution.

The SBIM experience is innovative and revolutionary. Our 3D scanner allows us to take a snapshot of an area in three dimensions in the form of a point cloud so as to obtain an exact replica of reality, in other words a virtual model.

Due to this high precision technology, combined with our leading-edge technical expertise, we are able to exploit this extraordinary virtual model and offer a vast range of services.

Key characteristics:

  • A well-known and tested leading-edge measuring technique
  • Millimetre precision
  • A range of 330 metres
  • A capacity of 1 million measurements per second


Discover your 3D area online, share it and take measurements in real time.

Have you already dreamt of being able to walk in an area in real scale 1:1 without having to physically be there? Would you like to add value to your space and be able to benefit from taking real measurements of lengths, heights and surfaces that are precise to the nearest millimetre in only a few seconds?

We have a unique cutting-edge and immersive solution which will meet your requirements: SBIM space. We scan your area in 3D and give you remote access by means of a secure link and an easy-to-use, intuitive and practical interface.

We offer:

  • a unique and immersive experience
  • an ability to take measurements
  • online access within 24 to 48 hours
  • an easy-to-use, intuitive and practical interface
  • secure storage in Switzerland
  • remote access throughout the world

Try the experience on !


Give a new dimension to the world that surrounds you.

The virtual model is the result of reality capture carried out by our 3D scanner. It is made up of millions of measurements taken within the area with millimetre precision.

It is thanks to this virtual reality model that we can offer you a range of personalised services, each one adapted to your needs:

  • The realistic visit: once the area is scanned in 3D, we make it accessible remotely on SBIM space by means of a secure link and an easy-to-use, intuitive and practical interface.
  • The creation of plans and cross-sections: it can often happen that archived documents are too old or even non-existent. Thanks to our techniques and our technical team, we are able to re-establish plans and cross sections, independently from the complexity of the building.
  • Space management: we work on office refitting or machinery parks projects. If the allocation of precise areas within a given space is required, for example during a show or exhibition, we have an extremely useful sectioning system viewable on line on SBIM space.
  • Terracing calculation: the mapping by 3D scanner allows us to calculate volumes. In cases which require excavation, this is useful for preparing the work on site, as well as to monitor quantities of displaced material.


Realistic Visit



Space Management