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We have been constructing and renovating houses for over 65 years.

Building your own home? Surely no more wonderful project can exist. For over 60 years we have been refining our expertise in wood construction. Family homes are one of the projects which fill us with excitement and interest. Why? Because the way we see it, a successful home must fit you perfectly. For that, it is vital that we understand your needs and desires, your characters and dreams in order to create a result that reflects you. Whilst still keeping to a very competitive budget due to our efficiency, we will do everything possible to ensure that you and your home are in perfect harmony.

Personal Advice

We make your project 100% unique to you. We are here to listen to your needs and advise you.

Dreaming of your home, imagining it and ultimately designing it, is a process that requires time, reflection and sometimes, professional advice. At SCHWAB-SYSTEM, you can find all the necessary support in terms of recommendations for your future construction, renovation or transformation. The completely personal advice we give you will be essentially based on:

  • The creation of a well designed house that would be a pleasure to live in, and includes that little touch of originality that makes it special
  • An ideal layout
  • The number and type of rooms that you need
  • The inclusion of elements such as pergolas, terraces and underground levels
  • The choice of suitable materials, the highest quality colours
  • The optimisation of sound management relative to acoustics
  • The compilation of a detailed and total budget for your project

Advising you in the design of your perfect home, completely adapted to your requirements, is a real pleasure for us. We look forward to discussing it with you.

Technical Aspect

We design all projects in 3D, in line with your needs, your tastes and your preferences.

In order to custom create a project that meets your highest expectations, our technical team is equipped with the best computer design and modelling programmes in 2 and 3 dimensions. Due to SCHWAB-SYSTEM being one step ahead in information technology, you will have the opportunity of seeing your home materialise in front of your very eyes at each stage of its design. With our 3 dimensional computer programmes, you will be able to visit it before it has even been built, modify each of its details in real time and optimise it to be sure of your choices. The space projections, the floor plans and images that our technicians can develop will make you think you have moved in already.

Total creation from A to Z

While offering a very competitive quality-price standard, we can manage entirely your projects.

One of the main advantages you can enjoy when you build a house with SCHWAB-SYSTEM is the opportunity of having one single point of contact who is responsible for the entire project. In fact should you require, SCHWAB-SYSTEM is able to manage your project from A to Z, from the complete, detailed definition of your requirements, to the after sales service, encompassing the design, building, coordination of other tradesmen and worksite management. With this taken care of, you can concentrate all your energies on the enjoyment of seeing your project advance, without having any worries about administrative hassle or the coordination of different work teams who need access to your home.

The main stages that SCHWAB-SYSTEM carries out on your behalf or with you are as follows:

  • Listening to and identifying your needs
  • Giving assistance with the setting of your budget
  • The assessment of your future plot (measurement-taking with our 3D scanner)
  • The creation of a draft project that meets your requirements
  • Discussing and adapting the draft project with you
  • The choice of materials and other detailed elements
  • The finalisation of project
  • The publication of project and administrative procedures
  • The drawing up of production plans
  • Advising and choosing of partners
  • Gaining planning permission
  • Material production and build
  • Worksite management
  • Time management
  • Constant cost control
  • After sales service

With this complete management process for each of our projects, we guarantee a high quality of execution, precision in our work and detailed finishing.

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